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Well I never thought this would happen- blogging is definitely not on the ‘ol bucket list- but so much is happening with renewables and biomass here in the Northeast that I’m compelled to chime in.

Our business is heating buildings with locally sourced, renewable pellet fuel. Propell Energy sells pellet boilers and distributes fuel for commercial, institutional and industrial heating, and our parent, New England Wood Pellet is the largest manufacturer of pellet fuel in the Northeastern US.

Alternatives such as pellet heat, coupled with the myriad of great building efficiency technologies now available, will allow us to dramatically reduce our overall energy use and eliminate the use of fossil fuel for heat in our region and beyond.

The vast majority of the publicity and policy on renewable energy has been focused on transportation fuels and electricity, and most people don’t realize that one of the biggest uses of primary energy in this country is for heating our buildings. I’m here to tell you that there are great alternatives to fossils available now (Pellets, geothermal, solar thermal and more), and they make sense economically, socially and environmentally.

So button up your building envelope and then replace your big old oil boiler with a much smaller renewable system- you’ll save $ and I can promise you will be more comfortable. Not only will you be reducing carbon emissions, you’ll be providing your own little economic stimulus plan by keeping your hard earned dollars in the region instead of exporting them.

The systems we provide are commercial scale, but there are numerous suppliers of residential systems as well. Tax rebates and grants are now available for these systems too.


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