Bulk Pellets
  • Automated bulk delivery
  • Industry standard pellet quality
  • Experienced fleet management

Bulk pellets

Propell Energy offers bulk fuel delivery to all its customers. We guarantee supply and generally offer one year fixed price contracts. Bulk deliveries are full truckload quantities of 10 or 24 tons, depending on your storage capacity and fuel usage rate. Our silos are equipped with level sensors that automatically notify us when it’s time to make a delivery, so you never need to worry about running low on fuel.

Pellet manufacturing

Our pellet fuel meets strict pellet industry standards and are made with the compressed byproduct of forestry operations and wood processing—no glue or artificial additives are used during pellet manufacturing. Examples of wood byproduct are sawdust, wood chips, and wood shavings. When these byproducts are otherwise left to decompose, they produce methane, a greenhouse gas. However, when these wood wastes are manufactured into wood pellets, the result is a carbon neutral, renewable energy source.

More energy for you r money

Our premium pellets have low moisture content (3-5%) and high energy density (8300 BTU/lb, or more than 16 million BTU/ton), making them one of the most efficient sources of renewable energy. Our pellets have a uniform shape and size that offer compact storage (40 lb/ft3) and reliable heating system intake. Our pellets produce less residual ash and burn hot and clean.

Local fuel source

Pellets are essentially a limitless, local energy source. Pellets are not only made with abundant, domestic resources but also delivered safely in bulk quantities. There are currently more than 80 pellet mills in the United States, with more than 15 in the Northeast alone. This ensures a pellet supply that can grow to match demand, as well as provide efficient delivery.

Visit our Pellet FAQ page for more useful information about pellets.

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Northeast pellet mills

Pellet mills are plentiful in the Northeast, with 15 existing pellet mills and 7 new mills publicly announced.