• Reduce carbon footprint
  • Safe handling and transport
  • Renewable, local energy source

Carbon neutral and environmentally sustainable

With atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide rising mainly due to the use of fossil fuels, Propell Energy offers an environmentally friendly solution that dramatically reduces your net carbon emissions, helping to solve the global warming crisis.

Pellet fuel is considered carbon neutral by the United States Department of Energy and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. When a forest is sustainably harvested for its natural resources, essentially the same amount of carbon is released during use of that forest as would be during natural forest decay. Pellet fuel replaces fossil fuel energy resources and virtually eliminates net carbon emissions. In addition, sustainable forest management is integral to pellet production. The benefit comes from the balance between the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and the carbon sequestered in the pellets.

Low emissions

Consistency and combustion efficiency of pellets produce a fraction of the particulate emissions of raw wood byproduct fuels (e.g., cordwood, wood chips). Our systems include advanced filters that further reduce particulate emissions. When compared to oil boilers, Propell heating systems reduce particulate, carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas), and sulfur dioxide (acid rain precursor) emissions. Our pellet boilers meet stringent EPA standards for emissions.

Safe for the environment

When you choose pellets, you reduce your impact on the environment. You eliminate the risk of fossil fuel explosions and spills. Our pellets are made with 100% wood byproducts and sustainably harvested low value timber, and do not contain any additives, chemicals, or binding agents. Pellet storage and use does not contaminate soil or water resources.

Carbon emissions

Carbon Dioxide Emissions shown in lbs/MMBtu.

Annual CO2 emissions

Historical increase in global CO2 emissions, shown by billion metric tons of CO2 per year.