• Reduced fuel cost
  • Proven return on investment
  • Increased efficiency
  • Supports local economy

Smart business decision

Make a smart business decision that you can feel good about. When you do the math, switching to pellets can save you 50% in annual fuel cost. A facility that heats with oil and annually spends $200,000 would save approximately $100,000 in fuel cost after switching to pellets. And if your current heating system is old or inefficient, your cost savings will be even greater.

Proven efficiency

Proven in Europe for more than 15 years, pellet boiler systems cost less per unit of energy than the average oil boilers. Our pellet boiler systems can operate at over 90% efficiency. Unlike most fossil fuel boilers that fire at 100% when the space cools, and then shut off completely when the temperature point is reached, Propell systems have sophisticated controls that "learn" your building's heating profile and infinitely modulate maximizing operational efficiency.

Strong local economy

When you choose pellets and Propell, your fuel investment goes back into your local economy: 100% of the feedstock for our pellet manufacturing plants comes from within a 100-mile radius. Pellets are a price stable, local, renewable fuel option, where fossil fuels are price volatile, foreign and nonrenewable.

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Do the math

Relative costs per MMbtu as of October 2008