About Propell

Propell Energy was formed in August of 2008 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of New England Wood Pellet, LLC which is a pioneer in pellet manufacturing. NEWP has been producing successfully since 1992, and is the largest manufacturer of pellets in the Northeastern United States, with close to 150,000 tons of production each year between two plant locations (NY & NH), and importing an additional 75,000 tons per year at a third facility (MA).

Propell was formed to introduce commercial pellet heating systems to the North American market. Such reliable systems have enjoyed rapid growth and success in Europe. It is our goal to be the leader in commercial-scale pellet heating systems in the Northeastern United States, from New England to New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

In addition to system sales and service, Propell is also a bulk distributor of pellets. As the leading pellet manufacturer in the Northeast region, we offer our customers unparalleled security of pellet distribution. In fact, we are able to guarantee pellet supply for all of our bulk customers.

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